Can I still conduct my on-campus research?

Research that can be accomplished remotely should continue to proceed remotely.  Beginning May 29, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education has implemented a phased return to campus research. This phased approach is designed to minimize the risk to students, staff and faculty.

All plans for on-campus research must be approved by deans or the VCRGE and comply with campus and public health guidelines for safety. Limited essential research was approved prior to May 29. In most cases, on-site research activities that were previously approved during the COVID-19 campus shutdown from March to May 2020 will be allowed to continue, but must be registered and approved during Phase 1 to facilitate safety coordination among groups within buildings. In addition, PIs can request approval for other research to resume on-site during Phase 1.

For details on the Research Reboot process, including requests to return to work on campus, visit the Phase 1 web page.

Faculty, students, post-docs, technicians and other staff may not be compelled to engage in research travel or activities as a condition of employment or fellowship support while research activities are restricted due to the pandemic.

Please note that there is no set date for when all on-site research can resume. 


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