Can I still get help from Environment, Health & Safety?

Yes. Environment, Health & Safety will continue to respond to campus emergencies, incidents and spills, and provide support as needed to campus. However, some non-critical activities are being curtailed. For the latest information on EH&S operations, visit their COVID-19 website.

All chemical, radiation and biological lab visits are suspended until further notice.

All routine biological safety cabinet certifications for April are cancelled. Only high priority certifications will be done. A limited number of staff are available  for emergency work.

Hazardous waste and radioactive waste pick-ups will continue, at a reduced level, for operating facilities.

EH&S will continue to provide critical consultations and reviews. Staff will respond to emails, and most can be reached on cellphones.

EH&S staff available for immediate on-site assistance:
Todd Yanke, chemical safety — 608-279-2340
Ann Larson, biological safety — 608-443-9950
Karl Seltzer, general safety — 608-575-6263
Jeff Schiller, fire and life safety — 608-225-7693

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