How do I request a refund from UW-Madison?

We remain committed to delivering instruction, achieving learning outcomes and supporting students in finishing the semester successfully. Therefore, our campus policy is to not refund any portion of tuition and/or fees for the Spring 2020 academic semester, where requests are based on the required change in instructional modality.

We recognize, however, that there may be some extraordinary circumstances where an exception to the campus policy might be warranted. We will examine all such requests after the completion of the spring semester.

If you believe that you have such exceptional circumstances warranting further consideration, please work with your dean’s office and provide:

  1. student name
  2. student ID
  3. a detailed reason for your appeal.

If you have concerns about completing a course or managing the current situation, you should contact your instructor, advisor, or your dean’s office about how to proceed. You should note, however, that the dean’s office is not empowered to grant refunds at this time and will be forwarding requests to a central campus appeals process.

For students on approved UW Study Abroad programs, please work with International Academic Programs.

We will continue to post general updates at UW-Madison COVID-19 site.

Thank you again for your communication and your understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

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