Is Transportation Services pausing payroll deductions or giving parking permit refunds?

As of March 23, payroll deductions have been suspended. Employees are not required to make up “missed” deductions. Accounts with payroll deduction balances will be adjusted so employees are not charged during the suspension period. It is not known at this time how long payroll deductions will be suspended, as the suspension period is dependent on campus reopening for regular business. Transportation Services will not request any further payroll deductions until campus reopens. You will be notified before payroll deductions start again. Please keep your permit and/or product and do not return it to Transportation Services if you will need to use it prior to August 31, 2020.

Check the Transportation Services website for the most recent updates.

Please note: All Transportation Services office locations are closed and staffing significantly reduced. Offices are closed until campus directives state non-essential operations may reopen. Emailed questions and concerns will be answered during weekday hours of operations.

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