Who needs to report for work on campus

Last updated 1:36 PM, March 24, 2020

While all our employees play a critical role in supporting the University’s academic mission, we are directing a large percentage of employees not to report to the workplace in order to facilitate social distancing and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Campus has provided the following definitions for essential and non-essential employees. Essential employees will be notified with a letter. If you have not received this notification, you are “non-essential” for purposes of a campus shutdown and will not be expected to come to campus.

Essential Employees

Employees with responsibilities critical to maintaining essential functions and services on campus, including, but not limited to, completing the academic semester and supporting students who are engaged in ongoing classes, providing housing and dining services to students who remain in residence halls/apartments, life/safety, health care, hazardous research and animal care, and Physical Plant. Essential employees often need to report to campus to fulfill essential function duties. Depending on the specific situation and who is needed for the preservation of life and property, essential employees may or may not be called in, but the designation of essential employees should be determined ahead of time.

Non-Essential Employees

Employees who are engaged in non-essential functions and who are directed NOT to report to campus to limit exposure (e.g., campus hazard). However, we recognize that there are critical activities that must occur at key points in time. Supervisors (department chairs, deans, etc.) are expected to work with employees with these types of responsibilities, depending on the timing of emergency events, utilizing the unit’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).